Friday, 23 May 2008

Spent the morning crying :(

I've spent most of this morning in tears. It was my baby girls last day at school. She'll always be my baby even though she's now 16 and taller than me LOL. It was a really weird unexpected feeling, myself her Dad and Pickles all took her to her friend’s house so that they could walk to school together for the very last time :(

I was emotional and upset because I wanted to take her to the actual school with it being her last day. She got us all up stomping around the house at some god unearthly hour getting herself ready. I almost thought I was dreaming when she actually got ready and asked for some money (some things never change and I doubt it ever will LOL) to go to the shop HERSELF, shock horror to buy some tights as they were all getting dressed up.

They had to wear their uniforms but were able to customise them. Even though the headmistress has allowed this they have all been instructed to "sort themselves out" before the leavers assembly. What's the harm in letting them go into the assembly dressed up when they are allowing them to walk around school like that. They aren't even having any lessons today. The entire year was having breakfast together and then having a break and then the leaver’s assembly and finishing school at 12.30. Barmy!

On the way to school we past my DD's friend Richard sauntering along the road, very early for him as it was only just turned eight o'clock and yesterday I saw him doing a tortoise impression out of his driveway across from my parents at 9.30, he's always late. Probably thought he'd make an effort for the last day LOL. He had cut the legs off his trousers above his knee and had what appeared to be long black and white stripy tights on LOL with fluorescent pink socks over the top. I can't see how he is going to be able to "tidy himself up" b4 assembly LOL. They have been told that they have to wear their blazers for admission into the school, say what! And they have to take a spare shirt as they aren't allowed into the hall with signed shirts on, doubt very much that is going to happen. They can't exactly dish out a load of detentions when they are leaving at lunch time.

After dropping her off we nipped to the petrol station and I discovered she had left her mobile in the car. So we nipped to the supermarket and bought her a disposable camera for tonight and headed back to school. What a sight! The headmistress probably came near to passing out when she saw them. The girls skirts were just about covering their butts. DD's friend Charlotte actually had her entire butt on show she had abandoned her school skirt and was wearing a skimpy net ra ra skirt with literally all of her knicky knacky noo on show at the back. I bet her mother didn't know she went to school like that LOL. There were even lads in dresses LOL. We almost gave up when my OH spotted my DD walking over the zebra crossing with her friends beaming from ear to ear and he hailed her over to give hand her the mobile.

She then swaggered off again smiling like a Cheshire Cat and never looked back. Just like her very first day at school. I was crying and she was beaming away and took the reception teachers hand and walked into the classroom with her ickle rucksack and book bag and didn't even glance back. She is one of those rare breeds of children that has always adored school. She's gutted to be leaving and is really going to miss it.

So I was happy I had seen her walking into school for her very last day just like I did eleven years ago. Oh how time flies I can barely believe it. Dressed a little differently though admittedly. Her first day at infant school she wore a white blouse, navy blue pinafore, neat tie on a string of elastic, black tights and shiny black new shoes. Today she hoisted her skirt almost up to her crotch tied her shirt up into a belly top, plastered in make up and armed with a rook of permanent pens for shirt signing, open shirt buttons at the top with her tie to the side, ladies shimmery tights with black knee length socks over the top (which the school have banned, why I don't know) and black stilettos! Oh and I mustn't forget the St Tropez tan she conned her Dad into buying her earlier on in the week LOL. We passed her Primary School on the way back and after fighting back the tears until then they all started pouring down my face and I blarted all of the way home with my OH holding my hand and Pickles looking rather bemused in his car seat at the whole debacle.

She's not coming home after school, she's going back to her friends house and then they are party hopping. I am worried sick, she's never been to a party b4. Her friends Mum asked if it would be OK to let her have a couple of bottles of WKD, she said her daughter had asked her to make some cheeky Vimto, which is apparently WKD mixed with Port. I don't think so; the kid doesn't even like wine that she's been offered with a meal. She wanted to sleep at her friends but we have agreed to pick her up at 12.30 instead, she keeps trying to add more time as her friends are staying out until at least 2 she said, yeah of course they are my dear LOL

I am so proud of her, she has turned into a lovely young lady and to me she is still my little sugar mun :)




  1. What a lovely emotional post to read hun, how very proud you are of your delightful daughter.

    Wishing her a enjoyable last day,


  2. aww Ickle. You must feel like you are on a rollercoaster today - lots of mixed emotions; nostalgic, proud, worried and so on. It's wonderful that your DD has enjoyed her schooldays so much. It will be fab for her to look back and reminisce about them in years to come xxx

  3. aww Ickle. You must feel like you are on a rollercoaster today - lots of mixed emotions; nostalgic, proud, worried and so on. It's wonderful that your DD has enjoyed her schooldays so much. It will be fab for her to look back and reminisce about them in years to come xxx

  4. awwww I hope you feel a little better now... you can't wait for your kids to grow up when they are little and then when they grow up you want them little all over
    Then you go through it all again with the Grandkids!!
    Know how you feel though, another milestone passed and it's obvious how much you think of her... so in one way it's nice your are upset (does that make sense!!) shows how much you care :)

    ooooeer better go now...I'm

    Chris xx

  5. Lovely post Ickle, I know what you mean about your baby leaving school. I was the same when mine left school for the last time too. In fact if you would care to pop on over to my blog, you will see all 4 of my babies, while celebrating my middle sons wedding!

    I warn you though my friend, you will feel the same when each of your piclkes leave school and just you wait for the weddings *gulp* now they are tear jerkers LOL

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww thanks everyone, it was a very emotional day.