Thursday, 22 May 2008

I have turned a corner I no longer think I am going insane.....I think!

Good afternoon everyone I hope you are all well. Whey hey blogging for the third day in a row, I hope you are all proud of me LOL

Well, what a debacle yesterday was. I finally tracked down the camcorder lead and my PC started playing up. If it had gone any slower it would have stopped. After shutting it down several times I succeeded in getting it working, then it took forever to download the photos, only all of the ones I wanted to put on had disappeared argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. My OH said he is going to try and find them for me tonight. I am so flustered lately they are probably there somewhere completely obvious taunting me for being so blonde! For some totally bizarre reason though there were loads of piccies from when we went away for a couple of weeks with my brother and his family to Devon and Cornwall last year. But all the recent ones had disappeared. Some great snaps and some awesome ones of the fabulous Eden Project. I shall be sure to pop some on later for you to peruse or not LOL. Can’t do it now unfortunately because miraculously the camcorder download lead has mystically morphed itself into a damn IPOD lead AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out and relax, remember you are turning over a new leaf; you are a calm confident organised individual. Hey stop with the sniggering, it’s true!

Just put Pickles down for a nap, he's still ill and clingy and I am still having trouble with the antibiotics. Made a pact with myself earlier to get more organised and blitz the house and garden between now and the weekend. Maybe if I am more organised I will actually end up getting more done and won't get so flustered and down with OH being away all of the time. I am making some chore rosters, hopefully this afternoon and then when my OH gets back get him to get my laminator down from where the giraffes live and buy some whiteboard pens and get it up on the wall. Decided as my DD is now 16 she can get off her pampered batty and help out. I got a call from her on the way to school "Mum I've 4gotten my PE kit" arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just after I had got my determined organised head on too, typical. So I turned into the local taxi service for her again and abandoned the washing up and went to my parent’s house. My Dad then took the kit to school as Pickles is too ill to be messed about in and out all of the time. He was really clingy, I wasn't allowed to have a cup of tea or read so I came home.

Stopped off at the shops on the way back and bought him his In The Night Garden comic to cheer him up, worked for about 2 minutes! Also treated myself, realised I haven't bought myself any ME magazines (apart from craft mags) in over a year I used to buy them all of the time. So I went a bit mad and bought two newspapers, the local newspaper, Your Home with free gardening mag, Cheshire Life, Chat, Take a Break and Best. The latter three full of the usual gob opening obscure almost unbelievable personal stories. Just finished the washing up so now I am off to have some ME reading time and a cuppa then get on with the spring clean. Going to read the one with Fern Britain in first I think and all about her diet. She's lost four stone and looking fantastic, I never knew she was 50! She’s looking amazing.

Going to enjoy myself and take them out into the garden as the weathers so nice, a good escape into a trashy story will do me the world of good. Only read craft mags, talked about crafts, done crafts and babbled onto a baby all day for well over a year. Hopefully it will perk me up you know what they say a change is as good as a rest. Hope the sun is shining for everyone and you all have a fantastic day and ((hugs)) to those who can't.

Cheers ears :)


  1. LOL ... sounds manic. Keep smiling ... and breathing and all will be well.
    Hope Pickles will soon be feeling better and please don't beat yourself up about what you're not achieving ... be kind to yourself and give feel proud for what you are achieving every day.


  2. I hope the escape into the mag world was a good one hun xx