Friday, 30 May 2008

So, so busy

So, so busy. I had a date with some ducks, a loaf of bread and a impatient toddler yesterday. We finally got to nip out for a walk to the canal yesterday evening when my OH got back from working away. We had missed the sun but it was still very warm. We stopped off at the fish and chip shop on the way for a bag of squishy chips laddened in and salt and vinegar, yummmmmmmmm. No I haven't gone mad I just haven't had them in a while with being on a diet and oven chips just aren't the same :(

We didn't get to get see any swans as the canal bank was full of children having a fishing competition. But we did get to feed the ducks though. The mallards are Pickles favourite. They keep flying over to visit us in our back garden for a spot of bread.

We even got to see the baby ducklings. My oh my have they grown from last week.

With the fishing competition we didn't think that we'd get to see any canal barges, but luckily there was one :) I shall have to get some more pics when the canal bank isn't full of people fishing, they are utterly gorgeous and so colourful and the people on them are so friendly. They always wave and say hello to Pickles and I as they pass.

To Pickles utter amazement a hand glider flew over us too.

We were going to walk up to the cricket club and take a look at the moo moos (cows) but I was very tired and my feet were hurting from wearing silly shoes walking over the cobbled street. So as we passed the church we decided to stop off at the Inn next door as it was a nice evening had had a lovely cold pint of Shandy and a bag of ready salted (shhhh don't tell anybody)

Pickles has just gone down for a nap. My daughter is studying and my OH is working from home. So I am just nipping out now into the garden to do some more planting out and potting up. I can barely get into the greenhouse now it's that full and it has that gorgeous tomato plant smell as you go in, heaven. Probably due to the fact that there are over 100 tomato plants in there. I know I know, I got giddly as I did with the 200+ sunflower plants I grew. Going to have tomatoes coming out of our ears soon, plenty of pastas sauces though, yummy and so good to preserve or freeze.

Remember my cut and come again bistro lettuce ? We've feasted on it for weeks, marvellous stuff. You do literally cut it and it comes back again and it is sooooooo delicious.

Then if Pickles is still asleep when we've finished I'm going to start on my pincushions. Then hopefully some more hair bobbles and pins and some more cosmetic purses and just some sewing in general. I've still got some roman blinds and circle dolls to do.

As always thank you very much for visiting and please call back again soon. I'll hopefully be back on later to add another post :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. Ok i am officially worn out from reading all that post! does that count as my daily excersise?

    glad you had a lovely day and shame you didn't fall into the canel LOL

  2. LOL Donna :)

    Now you can see why I needed to stop off 4 a shandy :) mmmmmm and what a lovely pint it was too, feel another daily excercise canal walk coming on, just got to see if I can make it past the Inn this time LOL :)

  3. you can do it! push yourself! stick a scraf over your face when you get near to the inn, but then you may fall into to the canel * oh please let someone go with her to take the photo*

  4. LOL I did have someone with me my OH, some help he is in my new regime. It was his idea.

    Skipping the walking today I think and just cutting straight to the inn. Can't remember the last time we went out in the evening, better not wear my heels or I'll come a cropper on those cobbles again LOL

  5. WOW what fab photos you have uploaded hun,

    your little one, is so cute.

    Sarah xxx