Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Morning everyone :)

Morning everyone, still zonked but thought I'd pop on to say hi and thank Eve AKA Ultramum for my awards and for Chris AKA Cambiel thinking of me too :) You both really cheered me up :)

Pickles is getting some shut eye. Failed dismally at giving him his antibiotics this morning. I don't know what I am going to do any suggestions much appreciated. It's not yucky medicine in fact it smells and tastes of bananas but he's not having any of it LOL. Tried the meds spoon, refused to open his mouth and it went all over him. Then I tried a syringe, whey hey I am a pure genius I thought as it went straight in the mouth. Splat.... all over my face as he projectile spat it all back up again. How marvellous, not!

So then just b4 his nap I snook it into his bottle of milk. He took a couple of sucks pulled it out of his mouth and stared at his bottle for a few seconds and then had another couple of sucks then shouted "no no milk" and chucked his bottle across his bedroom floor eyes firmly fixed on me scowling all the way. Little monkey.

Going to try and make the most of him being asleep, although I am very tempted to join him LOL. Got lots of photos to download from the camcorder and sort my new images out and decide which ones to pop on my blog. I hope everybody has a lovely day. Please pop back again soon and hopefully I will have found the time to get organised and pop some more downloads on.

Cheers ears :)


  1. my ears are always here to liten to you! it's no worries!
    feel sorry for your pickes! shame about the bottle of milk like. funny the med. in the bottle of milk didn't work. my josh would take it no problem!
    Hang in there darlin! we're all thinkin' of you & pickles!

    sequin x

  2. Oh my word, what a time you are having of it with poor Pickles. he is so smart to know he was being duped withthe medicine in the milk. No flies on him! lol

    Hope you can get some rest soon hun, and thanks for keeping us up to date with the goings on - I do love your style of writing :-)

  3. My son was the same and could detect any hidden medicines LOL
    hope all are feeling better soon.
    Is that a new header picture? its fab : )

  4. Thanks ladies you are are so kind :)

    Yes it's a new header. But the piccie is a few years old it's from an old quilling card I made :)You can't see it fully on that photo because I had to crop it but it has a quilled candle in the middle and I made it for a Christmas card a few years back :)