Monday, 19 May 2008

Sorry, I have been a bad, bad blogger (hangs head in shame)

I’ve been ill, my OH has been away again and now Pickles has been ill since Saturday and we can’t even get him into the docs all he’s had apart from his milk is a few spoonfulls of porridge since Saturday. He’s just gone down for a nap I am hoping it’s a long one so he can try and sleep his bug off and I am drained. He’s been like a little weepy clinging monkey and won’t let me put him down, the poor sausage.

My OH has been working away again and my DD started her GCSE’s last week so I am all in a mither over that and her revision. She had her maths higher this morning I hope it went ok. She ended up screaming at me this morning to stop mithering her to check she had enough pens and her math set, but she is so laid back I have to check these things I’m forever getting phone calls to take this that and the other to school as she’s forgotten it. I have so much I need to do too, typical that everything happens at once.

I can’t wait until my DD’s exams are over I am a nervous wreck, mithering her to revise all of the time. She’s so laid back all she could think about yesterday was trying to mither her Dad to buy her some StTropez fake tan and an expensive prom dress for her prom. Kids

Hope everyone is well and I haven't forgotten about adding some more free art downloads. Pickles permitting I'll pop some on later :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. Don't feel bad about this darlin', and no need to say sorry!

    You concentrae on yourself and your pickles! That's your priority.

    Your dd will be jt fab with her exams.

    Thinking of you always.


  2. Its have other things to take care of such as getting completely better and ur daughters exams.....glad ur back though :o)

  3. oh im sorry to hear you are not well :( take things easy and plenty rest :)
    congratulations on your awards!! hugzz x