Monday, 14 April 2008

Wow 91 visitors in 18 differnet countries already :) :) :)

Wow, I was just about to log off and get some shut eye and just thought I'd check my counter before I entered the land of nod. To my utter amazement I have had 91 visitors in 18 differnet countries already visit my blog and it was only let loose form private status into blogland a couple of hours ago.

I would just like to say a big hello to everybody that has stopped by and hopefully you'll bookmark me and visit again soon :)

Over the coming months I am hoping to include free step by step tutorial downloads and free art work for personal use and free templates and challenges. So please bookmark me and keep checking back :)

Cheers ears (wink) (wink)


  1. 91 's nothing ... you are now over 300! Well done!

  2. Oh I know Max I am astounded but chuffed to bits at the same time. Thanks for visiting :)

    Cheers ears :)