Monday, 14 April 2008

Free artwork, step by step tutorials and challenge

Wow, I've just logged on and see that I have had another 93 visitors from 18 different countries already today. Thanks for stopping by everyone :)

I really must get on and finish tidying my blog up and add some of my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects and layouts. Please keep on checking back and bookmark this blog as some free artwork and step by step tutorials will be being added over the next few days. Including scrapbooking, cardmaking, soft furnishings, softies, toys and dolls and some sweet quick and easy general sewing projects.

I also have a challenge in mind with some fab craft stash prizes to be won. To celebrate my site being set loose on blogland :) I will be launching it soon, so please check back often :)

Ok I really must get on now as I still have a house to clean and baby to look after then hopefully I can get my creative cap on when Pickles goes down for a nap.

Thanks again for stopping by, see you soon :)


  1. Excellent Blog ickle pickly you have worked really hard, well done. sarah x

  2. Hi you Ickle Pickle!! Great blog, your jewllery looks fantastic, as does the rest of your creations!!
    I'll put a link on my blog so I can keep popping back to have a nosey.
    P.s Cards in the post, at last.

  3. I love your blog ickle honey, your creations are stunning11

    As Sarah said you have worked really hard on this blog.

    KTJ xx

  4. Great work Ickle Pickle. I've linked you so I can check back regularly.

  5. Your blog is fab, have bookmarked it so i can keep up to date..... look forward 2 u adding new stuff

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  6. Orrr thanks everyone, your lovely comments and visits to my blog mean a lot to me :)

    Cheers ears :)