Monday, 14 April 2008

Meet Honey Bunny :)

Apologies in advance for the poor picture quality. I would like to introduce you to Honey Bunny (honey bunny because of the colour of his fur, although you can’t really tell due to the camcorder piccies) His is in mid make, I made him a week last Saturday but I have been unable to finish him off as Pickles has claimed him and drags him around everywhere with him by his ears I managed to sneak him out of his cot whilst he was sleeping to take some photo’s of him. His face still needs stitching on or I may leave it rustic and blank, haven’t decided yet and I need to make him some ickle baby dungarees and I am going to make him a girlfriend too I have designed him myself from scratch no pattern and I’ll be doing the same with his clothes. He looks a bit like a body builder at this stage I know with all his muscles but I designed him that way so he can be posed and floppy and cuddly. I will hopefully get him finished this week if I can get hold of him again. I should have measured him for clothes when I sneaked him off.LOL

Here are some Hunny Bunny photos in mid make :)

Some more photos including Hunny Bunny striking a pose LOL :)

Last but not least a close up of his ears and a side on view. Hope you like him


  1. He's fantastic...I can see why pickles is so attracted to him :)

  2. he is sooo cute! Well done on going Live - great blog

  3. I LOVE Hunny Bunny - he is very cute. Congrats on the blog, it is looking great

  4. He is lovely and I quite like him with no face ... adds to the mystery and you won't have to watch him grimace as he's dragged around by Pickles LOL!
    Can't wait to see his 'dungy derries' if you ever get a chance to make them that is.

  5. Thanks everyone :) I have already cut honey bunnys girlfriend out ready to sew. So I think that I may sew a face on her and see if Pickles approves before defacing HB, my OH thinks he might reject him.

    I have measured him up for clothes though I just need to remember to ask my OH to reach up to where the giraffes live (he's 6' 6" and forgets the rest of us aren't) to get my fabric scraps box down for me. I am hoping to get on with it this weekend but I am so busy.

    Cheers ears :)

  6. What a lovely little bunny. I don't blame Pickles for running off with him, I would too!