Friday, 1 August 2008

Chuckle Monkey card :)

The slideshow above may take a minute to fully load and display :)

This was one of my first ever Chuckle Monkey cards. It took a while as all the images were handrawn (they are now available as stamps from Spiral Whisper, see posts below) They were then coloured using Derwent watercolour pencils and watercolour paints :)

With my OH getting back from working away at last and having a good nights sleep,oh and I sooooo needed it. I will be able to buckle down and make some more Chuckles n Giggles cards this evening. Including images you HAVEN'T SEEN YET, wink, wink, nudge,nudge. Off to supervise the watering of the chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers and some other strange things growing in the corner of the greenhouse now (cheesy grin) Not going any where near it until I can be sure that hugggggggggggge dinner plate sized spider has gone, filthy dirty crawling manky creature thing that it is. Urggggggggggggh.

Cheers ears :)

PS I'll pop back on later with my creations and to pop some of the workshop in progress photos on :) 'n' photos of my new yet to be named beloved, already dressmakers dummy I got yesterday :) I'm hoping to catch up on some sewing tonight as well as cardmaking. I have some lovely Laura Ashley fabric I have been dying to attack LOL


  1. Fabulous work as always ,love the pop up card ,Dawn
    hope you are well xxx

  2. hi just to let you know lovely blog and that i eventually figured out how to upload my first attempt with your stamps to my blog lol go on have a look lol

  3. Hello honey bunny! Hope you are feeling rested after getting some kip! My hubby has gone away and I'm feeling slightly frazzled at the mo!
    Just waiting for my stamps to arrive and then I get to make a total mess of your fab creations! LOL! Speak soon. Em.x

  4. Looks really good from wha i can see, lovely cute chuckles x

  5. I love little chuckles, he is marvy and fab :oD Cannot wait to see what other characters you have up your sleeve! I really want to buy a stamp but I cannot make up my mind, its too distressing he he

    Happy crafting!

    Aims x

  6. I so love CHUCKLES.Please checkout MY BLOGG YOU HAVE AN AWARD!Have good weekend!love n hugs judex

  7. I've left you something on my blog!


  8. such a gorgeous monkey!! :)

    Hope that yukky spider leaves..ewww

  9. Fab work - well done. There's an award for you on my blog BTW. It's here

  10. hope your doing ok not working too hard i have alovely award waiting for you pop over to my blogg .have good weekend judex

  11. Haha your monkey is super sweet!! :) Lovely Ickle.. keep it up
    Rosette xx

  12. Fab monkey he is so cute :)
    Hugs June xxx