Monday, 28 July 2008

More of my stamp sneeky peeks :)

Morning everyone :) Not feeling too good today, so just a quickie. Hopefully I'll be back on for another update later :)

Previews of three more stamps have just gone on the SW website for pre-sale release.

Firstly, there's 'Rock Star Chuckle Monkey'. Oh he does get silly when he's had a shandy or four LOL

Secondly, there's a new Chuckles and Giggles 'Coming Ready or Not' stamp. See if you can see where Chuckles is hiding. I think his huuuuuuuuuuge ears may give that one away (chuckle)

Last but not least there's a 'Tarquin the tree frog' stamp. Sorry for such a close up shot of him but he's a right poser and wouldn't pose any other way. Tree frogs, eh! You can't take them anywhere LOL

The other Chuckle and Giggle Monkey stamps are;

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh firstly where it all began. This first stamp is of Chuckle Monkey and Friends famous banana tree. It has been done as a stand alone stamp so that you can easily fit it into any other Chuckles and friends scene or just on it's own. Apologies for the missing bananas though (blush) Chhhuuuuuuuuucklessssssssssssssssss, ouch that hurt my throat. He's no where to be seen I think he must have slipped off for a sly smooch with Giggles (cheesy grin)

The stamp above below depicting a very typical lazy day for Chuckle Monkey. He is such a tinker. I am surprised that hammock hasn't collapsed with him in it. Look at all of those bananas he's filled his greedy face with LOL

Meet Giggle Monkey. Giggles is the ever doting girlfriend to Chuckles. You will be seeing lots more of her and them both together :) She can be adapted to cards, scrapbook layouts and other crafting projects. I’ll be making a card with her tonight and can't wait to get started.

Meet Boozy Chuckles. This Chuckle Monkey stamp would be great for a Birthday, Christmas or New Year celebration card/scrapbook layout and other projects. This pose was captured after a night out on the lash at his local watering hole. Oh the embarrassment (blush)

The new workshop has come to a stand still as my OH is back working away again. The frame and floor have been up since a week last Sunday so hopefully we can get to work on the roof when he's back. It's looking good though (wink) and measuring about four metres by three metres roughly, I think, scratches head. Oh I am so forgetful lately. Let’s just say it's big. Can't wait to get it finished and get all my power tools set up in there. I know I am very, very sad LOL and partition some of it off for a dark room and to put the kiln in. Toying with the fact of getting a potters wheel too. Going to take the kids to our local craft centre this week or next I think to throw a few pots. Will need to take my DD with me for directions though as I am hopeless without the sat nav and my OH has it. I need one, stamps feet.

Anyhoo, I have rambled on again when I said I wouldn’t so I'm off to wrestle with putting Pickles ball pit and tent up for him.

I hope that everybody is well and having a lovely day and (hugs) to those who aren't or can't :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. Fabulous designs there Ickle. Hope you feel much better soon. x

  2. Wow these are so cute ,love your images ,
    huge contracts on you stamps being realeased ,Dawnxx

  3. All the images look fantastic hun, well done

    Sarah x

  4. Great stuff, having seen the top one, he would also look great as a pirate with a patch and a parrot on his shoulder *she says laughing*
    Hi Ho Chuckle!!

  5. Thanks for all of the lovely comments ladies :)

    LOL Chrissy you must be psychic, all will be revealed, wink,wink

  6. So glad to see you are selling the stamps through Spiral Whisper well done :D

  7. Your stamps are fantastic, the monkey is so cute

  8. Congratulations on your new stamps - they are adorable!