Saturday, 28 June 2008

What a lovely evening :)

Just got back from my daughters show in Liverpool. It was fantastic. Poor Pickles or should I say poor Nana and Grandad are soooooooo tired. Pickles only fell asleep about an hour ago, tut tut.

Had a huge 12" mega topped halal pizza from a great cafe on Hardman Street for only £4.00 yes you read right £4.00 and with 5 toppings and we shared a bowl of the most delicious chips I have ever tasted. 4get Dominoes pizza and Pizza Hut, that was the best pizza I have ever had the pleasure to devour LOL. Intrigued and note to self "must try the Egyptian breakfast next time." If anyone is ever in Liverpool town centre you must try it. It's next to the gorgeous Philharmonic dining rooms, just across from the Philharmonic Hall. My OH goes to a Halal Indian in Manchester all of the time. They only pay £3.50 for rice and tree different dishes. He never needs dinner when he gets home. They give them that much. You must try a Halal sometime I am sure you won't be disappointed :) We even snook in a drink or two in the interval. Well very tired now so off to bed. Hopefully with Pickles having a late night he'll let us have a lie in (yeah right) because for once we don't have to be up and out at the crack of dawn taking my DD to stage school, hurray. She's got the day off as she has another performance there tomorrow.

Anyhoo for those who are night owls like myself. Night night and don't let the bed bugs bite :) n morning n get the porridge on I'll have spenda in mine please :) for those of you that are just waking up to this message :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. Hi - thank you for visiting my blog, and for leaving some lovely comments! I see you are a fellow monkey fan! Congratulations on your drawings being turned into stamps - I've never used a stamp in my entire life I'm afraid, though I've long admired the work of stampers.

    Take care. :-)

  2. I am thrilled that you all enjoyed your DDs show and that Halal pizza sounds delish!

  3. Wow what a great time you had seeing your daughter in her show xxxDawnxx