Monday, 30 June 2008

3 more images to be made into stamps :)


Sorry I'm being very blonde again (I'm allowed to say that b4 anyone thinks I am being blondist, as I am one lol) I am soooooo tired I actually missed out the bit about the new stamps, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The whole reason for this post, caffeine I need caffeine.

Anyhoo. Three more images are to be made into stamps, hurray. Inc Chuckle Monkeys never seen b4 girlfriend, ooo er (cheesy grin )With more to come :)

Well just to catch up. It's been gorgeous and sunny and very hot here today, I almost fainted with surprise. Could this be summer finally putting in an appearance. Yesterday though was totally bizarre. We had torrential rain all morning here and we left to take my DD to a dance audition in Manchester around one. It was still bucketing it down when we got there. Yet when we came out three hours later, it was sweltering hot and sunny, mad, a bit like me LOL

Anyhoo usual off the subject ramble over. I've been mad busy designing. My daughters shows on Friday and Saturday, my DD's three hour dance audition, I kid you not!!! Running around after Pickles and other bits n bobs. As well as being my DD's taxi service. She was chosen to perform a drama piece at Manchester Uni and got back a little while ago. Phew I thought now I might actually get some rest. Until she informed me that her friend Harrison was coming down tomorrow for the day in hopes of persuading her to stay at her p/t performing arts school. Maybe I'll actually get a rest on Wednesday eh, what d'ya think? No you’re probably right, fat chance eh LOL

Anyhoo of to hit the drawing pad now. Thanks to everybody that has visited as usual and I hope to see you back again here soon.

Cheers ears :)

PS Hoping to get some free images on here by the end of the week to replace the ones I had to take off n hopefully some sneeky peeks of cards n projects using some of the images from the stamps. So please stop by again soon :)

PPS I so want Luke to win BB. He has me in stitches my kind of humour.


  1. Oh my goodness your life is full and overflowing!!!! lol
    I am sooo excited about the stamp thing though! I am just trying to catch up with everything that's been going on while I have been absent. I can't wait to see your stamps and samples- well done you! Caroline X (cupcakedaft)

  2. Brill news about the stamps hun, and yes, I like Luke too, he always makes me giggle. The scene when Bex was under his bed was just soooooooo stupidly funny.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your new stamps and congratulations :)

    p.s. You are a winner on the Fiskarettes blog :)

  4. Well done on the Stamps hun, I so much enjoyed colouring in Chuckle Money I can wait to see the stamps. Good luck hun Hugs Karen

  5. Another blogger who watches BB - Yay! I can't share your opinion of Luke though :-O I think he's a b*tch. A funny one at times, but too gossipy for me.

    I'm enjoying watching Dale ;-) He's a bit dull, but very pretty.