Saturday, 21 June 2008

Overwhelmed, thank you :)

Just off to bed now. Had a couple of glasses of red wine and a relax for a change. My OH is back now so if the curtain monster rears it's ugly mush again in the early hours he can blinkin do the honours LOL. I am so tired now so I am going to retire to the land of nod.

As I said I have had a glass or three of the old vino so you must excuse my poor grammar and spelling mistakes as I am sure I have made some. Oh know I am my own worse enemy I am rambling on again LOL

Back to the reason for this post. I would just like to say a big thenk you again to all who have visited and download Tarquin The Tree Frog and Chuckle Monkey today, I have been overwhelmed by the response. I checked back into crafty blogs just b4 midnight to see how many unique hits I have had today and to my sheer astonishment it was 196 and I've already had a further 9 visitors since midnight. So thank you all once again and please bookmark me and check back again very soon as another member of the gang will be introducing themselves to you very soon. With another poll as with Tarquin to choose his/her name. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I haven't had that many, almost though. Very nearly gave it away then LOL

Tata 4 now.

Cheers ears :)

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