Saturday, 21 June 2008

New digital art stamp website to launch very soon

Oooooops knew I 4got to mention something. As some people may already know I have been thinking about setting up my own website selling digital art stamps, digital scrapbooking and card kits, 3D decoupage, templates and CD ROMS etc for quite a while now.

Don't worry I will still be providing free images too :)

Well the kogs have well and truly been put into motion and it is almost ready to launch. Which I am utterly ecstatic about. I will be releasing some more details regarding it and some sneeky peeks when I am a little more compus mentus over the next week or so LOL.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to see us provide to suit your digital crafting needs then please drop us an Email

Now I really AM going to bed.

Night, night all, don't let the bed bugs bite :)


  1. Where the heck do you find the time for all of this...I think we need to re-name you Superwoman!! LOL!
    Well done you...for everything...I still can't get my head round digi SB ...I like getting to messy with glue!
    Can't wait to see your new venture! Hugs Emma.x

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for your lovely comments. As well as the digi scapbooking etc there will be tons of images as with Chuckle Monkey and Tarquin. But over 11 different ranges I think it was at the last count LOL. To download and colour , glitter and get sticky with etc. So there will be something there for everybody and for whatever occasion.

    Off back to the greenhouse now to finish potting up my melons and banana chillies :)

  3. Fantastic news, wishing you the very best of luck hun


  4. Wow, you have been busy. One minute I looked and all was quiet, you were feeling all tired and the next, well everything has happened...Well done I am sure it has taken a lot of work - ChrissyX

  5. Great stuff.
    I like your post and all your scrappy things.

    Look forward to reading more.
    I love it!!!! Thank you very much!