Thursday, 5 June 2008

I hate chicken pie !

Afternoon everyone :)

Just managed to sit down at last and have a catch up and a coffee. Not 4 long though Pickles due to wake up soon. Been doing washing, washing and more washing and tidying today. At least it's still warm and I've not had to use the drier. The first lot went on the line at 9 this morning and it dried in no time. I went out to take it off and pop another lot on. All very very organised for me for a change. I nipped back in with the clean washing and to pop another wash on. I was so proud of myself being so organised, I should have known it wouldn't last for long. The peg bowl was empty, I was confused I even went back into the house to check if they were there, but they weren’t. Then I heard a certain very cheeky monkey shouting "away, away" So I ran out of the house he was no where in sight so I went through the arch into the back part of the garden and there was a very cheeky toddler throwing the last of my pegs into the huge rhododendron bush. It's about 25' high and 15 or more feet wide and very dense to the ground. I then spent the next three quarters of an hour tying to locate the blinkin things Huhhhh. I managed to put the washing out b4 having to take my DD to school for her GCSE English exam. My OH is in Gloucester and I might just get half an hour b4 Pickles wakes up and I have to start all over again and go and pick my DD up from school. Roll on the weekend.

Yesterday was a disaster too. Run off my feet all day and then when I finally got Pickles down for a nap I spent the next hour and half instead of relaxing chasing chicken pie from next door around the garden. It even got into the house and myself and my DD couldn't get it out. It pecked the hell out of my French doors. When Dr Doolittle from next door finally decided to put an appearance in he came around for it. I told him I'd chased it for an hour and a half and it had been in house. I politely told him to find out where they were getting in as it is now a daily occurrence. Our back garden is split into two and I can't see the back half from the house so by the time the mealy eyed thing saunters through to the part I can see it's usually eaten through loads of veggies, the fat cretin. The guy from next door just kept hugging chicken pie and kissing, YES I said kissing it, he wouldn't give me eye contact, every question or comment I came out with he ignored and just jabbered away in a silly voice to the damn chicken. He just kept hugging, cooing and talking and kissing chicken pie. Hasn't he heard of E-Coli!I felt like I had entered the twilight zone there for a while.He didn't apologise, just turned around and walked away. His OH is a lovely woman but he is just weird. His OH says he likes chicken pie and his hoppos to run wild. Well that's all well and good if they are running wild in their own blinkin garden but they aren't they are in mine feasting like theres no tomorrow because they have eaten everything in sight in their garden. Wheres that bird of prey when you need him eh? I can't believe he didn't even apologise, how ignorant I was speechless for once, YES I for once the mother of rambling on couldn't think of a thing to say I just stood there open mouthed. I really have had enough, truly.

Going to try and use this half an hour making a blinkin peg bag, I'm not going through all of that again LOL. I hope everybody’s having a lovely day and (hugs) to those who can't :)

PS Hoping to pop some more free images on later if I can track the printer/scanner lead down. I have a file stuffed full with them just have to decide which ones to put on. So please check back later.

PPS Thanks to those who has voted on chuckle monkeys tree frogs bud name in the poll. If you haven't voted all ready, please have a go :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. OMG! A neighbour that kisses chickens, (or is it just that particular chicken?) I'm lost for words too!
    Jennifer x

  2. Bless him .. he obviously didn't want you doing boring old washing! PS - I will be adding peg-bags to the website soon if you wanted to wait (hint hint!!!)

  3. A neighbour who kisses chickens!!! - that is so funny. Hope they don't get in again

  4. I know I shouldn't laugh....but :-D I have a tale from the other side of the coin, where a farmer went mental at me for allowing my cattle to get out on his field and eat all his corn, it was a single chicken that only had one leg.....and as his sheep regularly made a meal of my roses, la la la!!
    Your only option is to encourage Mr Fox - Chrissy

  5. Eeek ... mad chicken on the loose ... in yer hoose!! T'would drive me nuts too ... and I'm afraid I would be at risk of using the axe.

  6. I like Chickens..... mind you i like chicken pie too..

    Thanks for a good read hun, sarahx

  7. Ha ha, love the chicken story - what a strange man :)
    Twiggy x

  8. LOL, OMG have a chicken in the house is mad, I would have freaked. great read hun he-he :) Karen