Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I have been there And back again to see how far it is LOL

Apologies to everyone that has been visiting my blog only to discover I haven't updated it in a couple of weeks. I am a bad, bad blogger (hangs head in shame) I will do better, I promise :)

I've been there and back again to see how far it is LOL

Had a hectic couple of weeks. My daughter has her final Statistics GCSE today and Pickles has been unwell again and my OH has been and still is working away. So I seem to be constantly chasing my tail LOL

Chicken pie and one of his hoppos still keep on getting in somehow, they are driving me utterly insane. I am on a constant chicken watch.

I have tried excerise in a bid to loose more weight and have dusted the excercise bike off. Appears to be working as I dragged myself to Slimming World last night and I had lost a pound. I was hoping 4 more, still it's better off than on and hopefully I'll do better next week, fingers, feet eyes crossed etc,etc

With my OH being away I decided to go up and watch TV in bed after watching Big Brother. But could I find anything to watch! Utterly ridiculous, there are hundreds of channels on Sky and I must have flicked through all of them and not a single blinkin sausage worth watching. I don't know why we bother having it sometimes. I ended up on the Create and Craft channel watching the pick of the week. Until I discovered it was for Christmas vellum. Christmas it's only just June for heavens sake. There probably trying to get in early and entice everybody to spend now b4 the credit crunch really takes a hold. Another bug bearer of mine don't get me started on that. Why our greedy government can't reduce fuel prices I don't know. I think it's something daft like over three quarters of what we pay at the pump goes to them and not the oil companies and yet they are trying to say this global credit crunch is over the global cost of oil and the US housing market going down the pan and they can't do anything about it. That's fair enough a lot of it may be out of there hands but they do have the power to knock our petrol prices down somewhat though. Oh I could go on 4eve about this LOL

Pickles decided just over a week ago that he was scared of his curtains. We changed them four different times but to no avail. So there has been a screaming match for at least an hour every single time he is put down to bed. He won't sleep anywhere but his cot not even on the sofa. So up until yesterday he hasn't been having a day time nap at all, I am dog tired. He was a little better yesterday only cried for half an hour b4 (arggggghhhhhhhhhhh)But then I had to go up to him half a dozen times last night b4 he would give in and sleep. I awoke to the same "no like curtains blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" at 5.45 this morning. So I slowly slid out of bed bleary eyed and completely shattered. The poor little sausage was sat in the corner of his cot crying shouting for his Daddy shaking his head at his curtains. So I had to get him up. He had his milk in with me and he almost fooled me into thinking he was going to go back to sleep whilst having his milk. He lulled me into a false sense of security and I allowed my eyes to close and think of sleep them 'wham' as his huge elephant that's almost as big as him was slammed in my face and he then decided to jump on top shouting "Mickey Mummy, Mickey on". I then spent the next hour trying to keep him quiet as his sister slept as she had an exam. I was quite chuffed with myself in the end as we were all organised and ready to go half an hour b4 we needed to, a miracle 4 us LOL. Then as per usual something had to go wrong, grrrrrrrr. My DD chucked a huge spanner into the works by announcing very calming and Kevin the teenager like that she couldn't find her calculator. She only needed it for her blinkin Statistics GCSE. Kids, she wasn't panicking in the least. I called my OH just as she found it. It then occurred to me when Pickles came running into his sister’s room with the remote control that I could have put blinkin Mickey on in the bedroom for Pickles to watch this morning and have had a peaceful hour, arggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh. I am going to sleep for the entire weekend when my OH gets back.

I am being hailed by Master pickles now demanding toast and bee bops (he's referring to those silly always sickeningly cheerful Doodlebops on the Disney channel)so I'll have to sign off until later.

Once again thank you very much for visiting and I hope you all have a lovely day and ((hugs)) to those who can't.

Cheers ears :)


  1. Real life can be such a nuisance someimes but don't apologise for being busy with your family.

    Wishing your daughter well in her exams ... it's a difficult time for our 'babies' and a long wait for the results.
    Hmmmm ... I have quite strong opinions on what is happening politically but tend to keep them to myself for fear of being pushed off my soapbox LOL!
    Poor little Pickles ... funny how kids suddenly develop a fear of things and can't explain where it came from. You'll probably never find out but hope he settles down again soon or you'll be exhausted.

  2. Orrrrrrrr thanks Max (hugs) I just wish that the curtain monster would pack it's bags and move elsewhere, I am utterly exhausted with it all LOL