Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hair corsage fascinator sewing projects

Long time no blog. Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, cheesy grin :) OK I have been up to so much since my last confession so I shall try and catch up with my blog posts and post some photo's of some makes over the next few days. I promise, you do believe me don't you LOL

OK, whilst looking for a book for Pinkpuppy earlier on in my disgrace of a craft room, which incidentally I have still yet to find, shifs about nervously. I came upon two large sweet tins full of ribbons and trims. So I decided that to get back into the swing of sewing again with a few small projects. Pickles has been very demanding during the day so I have decided to get back into the swing of things by making some corsages and then some brooches and other small accessories and then move back onto my beloved bags. I was getting all inspired by the utterly gorgeous creations I have been perusing on here the past month or so. I know, I know, I am rambling on again :red: So back to business :)

I have a very nice but very plain black trench coat. As I have almost lost a stone in the past month I am getting brave :lol: Not quite brave enough to go the whole hog and abandon by usual black attire, but trying to introduce a cheeky hint of colour. I went through my new found stash and have picked out various black, silver and hot pink ribbons, trims and threads etc and I am going to make a corsage for my beloved trenchie. Wish me luck, I have found my invisible thread and I am about to embark on my first sewing project in what must be a year I think. Whenever it was I posted Hunny Bunny on here. (long, boring story) I'll update this post with my progress :)

I am still struggling with uploading pics from my camcorder, so so sorry for the poor picture quality, blushes with shame.

Through the lack of sew in brooch pins and the lighting not being very good in here I decided it can have a dual purpose and try it as a hair corsage in the meantime. I have just spent the past three quarters of an hour running around the house trying to bribe Pickles into modelling it for me in his hair LOL I ended up scrambling around trying to find a what I thought would be my as new Girls World head, smirk. I bought it myself a few years back to practice French plaits in as my DD didn't have the patience to sit there,sulks. I can't have anything in this house, truly I can't. I carefully took her out of her perfectly kept box (even through house moves) and when I turned it around :bug: the little what not (I said a little more at the time as you can probably imagine LOL Her perfect blonde hair now had a bright pink fringe and bright pink speckled face, Kids arrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Arrggghhhh at long last I have managed to update this with photo’s of the actual corsage itself. The lighting isn’t very good though I am afraid. The hot pink is deeper in reality and the shimmery and hot pink ribbons glisten. Now I can actually get around to making some more.

'n' SOME MORE............

Please excuse Goldies hair, rolls eyes. I was horrified when I clapped eyes on her. I had kept the box and the head, I thought in perfect condition. I haven’t used it in years since in our last house. My DD was under no illusion at the time that it was mine (to practice French plaits on) and she WASN’T to touch it. Maybe I grounded her one day and she got annoyed with me ROFL Just you wait until she gets in from college. She has some explaing to do LOL. She will most probably deny all knowledge, huffs. Must have been those peskey house elves again, yeah right!

Heres another corsage a little larger than the last one, definately one for my trenchie rather than the hair this time :) From the same jar of ribbons and threads, but using different ones. This time incorpoating silver with the black and hot pink Please excuse the models hair it’s like straw to brush. Reminds me of my late guinea pigs. Sorry degressing there, cheesy grin.

This one is larger again modelled by the lovely Goldie due to the lack of brooch pins Sorry about the camera glare, on the camcorder again :( The middle bit that is glaring and not quite coming out right in the pics is handmade from individul black and silver sequins
gems and then surrounded by individual pink sequins in a circle. Tried to get a close up but it keeps on dazzling me. I will replace these photo's with better ones when I can get my little mitts on Kevinas digital camera :)

I'll be back...................................................Later :)

Cheers ears :)

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  1. ROFL - I love your Goldies Hair
    Look slike my first girls world!
    Great Hair doodads too :)