Thursday, 10 July 2008

Panic, panic, panic Argggggghhhhhhhhhh

Morning everyone :)

Won't be on much today if at all. We are in a mad rush and panic here. It's my DD's prom today and she had a fake tan done at the beauty salon yesterday, that cost a pretty penny and she woke up this morning and it's all blotchy Argghhhhhhhhh. Because of the colour of the tan on her face we are now just about to make a mad dash to town to buy her some foundation and exfoliator etc. She has informed me that she needs a new handbag as now doesn't like the one she's got. She is in that much of a tizz I don't want to argue I'll just buy her another blinkin one, if we can find one she likes! She also needs nail varnish now and some green eyeshadow, a bracelet and earrings. The hairdresser now says she might not be able to start her hair at 2 but maybe later. She needs it trimming, curling and putting up with her tiara so not a quick job. It's on the other side of town about a 20 min drive away so when she gets back she has to get dressed and do her make up and then travel another 25 minutes to her friends house to meet up with all of her friends so we can take photos and the limo is picking them up from there at 4.45 for an hours drive around b4 going to the prom. On top of all of that Pickles is in a rascal mood and keeps on running off and hiding and it took 4eva to get him to eat his porridge this morning because he didn't want Thomas The Tank Engine on he wanted blinkin Bee Bops (he means those sickenly happy Doodlebops on the Disney channel)Arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh panic, panic, panic. We were supposed to have left for town by now but Her Majesty is taking 4eva to get ready Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh once more.

A dirty great big trough of the old vino and a plate full of custard creams and choccy for me tonight, me thinks. Stressed, so stressed

Later :)


  1. Oh babe sat here laughing away which I know is not what you need to hear today! I really do hope it goes well for tonight and don't forget we want to see a photo of her all glamorous after all your hard work!
    Its a shame you can't send Pickle here..Belle is in a really naughty mood so they would probably get on really well!
    Let me know what time you have a glass of vino tonight and I'll raise a glass at the same time! LOL!
    Catch you later (would love to see if you are still sane!) Em.x

  2. You poor thing, I hate rushing around for does not sound the best of shopping trips to me!!

  3. I hope your day has improved and everything goes OK.
    Any room at the trough for little me? lol!
    Jen x

  4. LOL! Look on it as practice for the wedding day when it comes!!!

  5. Ooh, I'm late ... by 3 days. Hope it went well! x

  6. Have you stopped panicking yet LOL, hope a good night was had by all and it was a night to remember.

  7. hiope you got her to limo on time!i have all this to come
    cant wait to see photos
    your tagged judex

  8. Ohhh blimey you're a good mummy, hope your daughter has a wonderful evening and that you get some time to put your feet up once she's out!