Thursday, 3 July 2008

I hate that dressing gown

Firstly, I'd like to thanks the lovely
Jennifer and Lauren for both sending me this lovely award.

I now have to nominate 7 people x 2 crikey. Well I do visit lots of fantastic blogs, just got to have a think. Will edit and add to this post later as I am in a bit of a tizz again today LOL.

I'm so, soooooooooooo tired with my OH away and Pickles not sleeping and Kevin the teenager’s twin sis to contend with. Pickles latest party trick is sneaking up behind me and biting my bum then smacking it whilst shouting "bum bum" at the top of his voice and running off in hysterics. Ouch, it really hurts you know, kids eh! It was very funny and cute the first few times. But not so funny and cute after about the 100th time in the middle of a crowded chemists!

Still drawing away here, more Chuckles, Tarquins and non animal. Was supposed to be starting on the samples tonight but my DD is singing in another show so it will depend on what time we make it back for. She has an eye infection and I had to beg the doc for an emergency appointment this morning for her. As when she woke up she looked all gozy eyed and they were all swollen and stuck together. I had to of course do my Mothers duty and tell her it looked fine. She didn't say a single word just paused and attempted to look at me through all of the weeping puss dripping from her eyes, then she spoke.” You really are ridiculous sometimes Mother (oh no she called me Mother, that means she's sussed me out, gulp) "how on earth is it supposed to be OK when I can't even open my eyes" and with that she turned on me giving me 'the look' narkily fastened her dressing gown, folded her arms and went of in a Kevin strop. Erm "ok, I'd better phone the doctors" was my reply as I made a hasty retreat LOL.

Talking of 'that' dressing down. I really, really am starting to despise it with a real passion. But it's only a dressing gown I hear you cry. Well let me just tell you about that blasted green monster of a dressing gown shall I. It haunts me, truly it does. Everywhere I go in the house it magically appears. Like it has sprung feet and follows me around sneaking up on me and taunting me. I just wish that it would walk into the utility room occasionally of its own accord and jump into the washing machine. As I become in mortal fear of my life daring to venture into my DD's bedroom. I keep thinking something is going to jump out and attack me. The clothes on the floor have grown clothes on top of clothes with the odd crisp bag and chocolate wrapper thrown on top. "Mum" I frequently hear being bellowed from the top of the landing, she sounds like she's swallowed a 100 watt amplifier at times "I've got nothing to wear, you need to buy me some new clothes"Arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh "Well try tidying that S hole" is my reply. Door slams and then the entire same saga is replayed almost word for word as if I had entered the Twilight Zone a few days later. Huh, kids eh!!!

Anyhoo, got to get on, rambled on for long enough. Got to get organised for tonight. Thanks as usual for visitng and please drop by again soon :)

Cheers ears :)


  1. Hee hee you almost make my life seem sane! lol
    Jen x

  2. Ahh teenagers! Dare I tell you that I still use the floor for my clothes. I like to call it my "floordrobe" And it's been a good few years since I was a teenager!

  3. Babe I am sat here howling with tears running down my face!! We have got to start videoing your life...we'd make a fortune!! LOL!
    Hugs...and loads of giggles..Em.x

  4. Oooh sounds like you weren't having agood time there, lol. ;) :)

    Love your drawings for SW - not long to go now eh. :) :)

    Sorry I missed you the other night on UKS but must have been busy doing something else and stayed logged in - oops!! :)

    Have put you on my blogroll. :)


  5. Congrats on your award, love your images

  6. I laughed, I am sorry but I have been there and bought the t-shirt! Don't you just wish you could send them to an island and bring them back when they become human again? You can never do right for doing wrong and they think they know everything...I will confess, I have resorted to some rather odd counter- measures at times, LOL.

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment - and for making me smile with your dressing gown tale. They do eventually leave home you know, and when they have kids of their own you hear them repeating exactly what you said to them years before! So you see, it does sink in .. .. somewhere! annie x

  8. For this thread alone, as it had me in hysterics...there is something for you on my blog...just don't shout when you read what I have put!! LOL!

  9. Ooh, I have a daughter who does that dressing gown thing too. No matter where I go, there it is, just left all crumpled on the floor, or a chair or some other inappropriate place.



  10. PMSL here!! We have a Snow White outfit that follows us around. Lil G came down the other day wearing combat trousers and a tutu. With a sparkle stuck to her forehead. "I'm off to the shop, are you coming?" I said. "Yes", she said, "but I look ridiculous". So she took off the sparkle...... "That's better".

    Just popped by to return the favour and meet a fellow nutter! United we stand!!!

    Great blog :) Debs xxxxx

  11. Sounds like my son and your daughter should meet :D Even when I follow him around after school saying put that there and that here I usually come back later to find the stuff I didn't tell him exactly what to do with on the floor in the corner, then I really want to tell him what to do with it.Mini Hugs Juliet
    PS your poor bottom : (