Monday, 21 April 2008

What a day !

Still blazing sunshine here, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to enjoy it. My DD miracously perked up around 10.30, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, continually winding Pickles up and getting him all giddy In a right mess here, water everywhere. I finally got him calm enough to have his milk and go down for a nap. Settled into my craft room on the PC after chucking a pile of books at my DD and telling her to revise as she had recovered so beautifully. Logged onto the PC, browing for a couple of minutes and then everthing went off, a power cut. The house alarm tripped over to emergency battery thinking we were being burgled and blinking didn’t stop until four hours later when the electricity finally came back on. In the meantime my now perked up daughter had got a headache from the alarm and couldn’t revise and it woke Pickles up. Luckily my OH came home from work early, so I not long ago got him to cut the lawns. He nipped out to the shop about half an hour ago with the kids for some butter so my DD could make some shortcake and they still arn’t back. My Dad has just rang and the motorway around here is closed becuase of a three car pile up, one of them being a horse box. I hope nobody was too seriously hurt in the crash, fingers crossed. So now I think they are stuck in traffic.I am having flash back s to a couple of months ago when the same thing happened. Our Town just isn’t equipped for all of this motorway traffic, it’s literally grinds to a stand still. Just looked out of my DD’s bedroom window and the traffic is at a standstill at the end of our Avenue, chocker blocker with arctics. I hope everybody else has had a better day and for those who haven’t (hugs)

Cheers ears

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