Sunday, 20 April 2008

Nicola J's (Enjay) chuckle monkey card

I've been awake for over an hour. "Mummy, Daddy, Mummy, Daddy" repeating over and over woke me from a well needed sleep due to a busy week and a late night. My DD is sleeping out at her friends so my OH slid out of bed with one eye shut and gave Pickles a bottle of milk. "that should give us five minutes to wake up" he said. It zonked him out he went back to sleep but I couldn't! So I came downstairs whilst everybody else was sleeping. I know I'll bug my daughter and txt'd her, no reply! So I thought I'd log onto my blog for a peeksy. See I am getting to the point now, gone all around the houses to do it I know. But hey I'm bored and up all alone at this god unearthly time on a Sunday morning.

Back to the point in hand. I discovered a message from Nicola (Enjay) and she had made a chuckle monkey card so I went to check it out. Wow Nicola what a gorgeous card, its fab, love the caption and of course your beautiful water colouring painting you know I am a fan of that I love it all.

You can check out Enjays blog by clicking here

Anyhoo, I got there in the end :) Off to try and bug my DD with another txt. How dare they all be happy in slumberland and I am not!

Cheers ears :)

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