Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Just popped onto CB and discovered that Jane (Draytonlady-Doodles Scraps n Me) has done me a tag. Ouch Jane that sounds really painful. Good grief woman I only went live with my blog last week, just read a mind boggling post from Nicola J asking people to add her to faceless and now you are sending me tags. You’ve lost me and it’s late I was only coming on for a sneaky peak before bed and I’ve got tummy ache and no Rennies, I pigged out and ate too much of my DD’s homemade Mrs Beetons shortbread. It’s all just too much I shall log back on tomorrow and try and suss it all out.

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting and listen to me blarting on again.

Cheers ears :)


  1. Just a note to let you know i have been in , love your funky monkey and the pictures of your jewellery set are much clearer : ) julietk
    wanna swop blog links ?

  2. I am such a numpty Jules. I logged onto your blog earlier and now know what it means to be tagged LOL

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments Juliet. No problem I'll add you to my crafty blog links :)