Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Year, new me !

Wow, I can't believe it's 2008.

Loose weight, overcome my chocolate obsession, be more organised, do more reading and writing, finish my CD's and kits, get my website up and running , update my blog on a more regular basis and stop being so slapdash and lazy in general, are top of my New Years Resolution hit list for this year. I know I know, so many, there are more but I have had a glass of port or three and I am slowly but surely slowing down for the night. I will update my list when I am in a little more a coherent a mood lol.

Not done very well so far today (oh the shame) I was sabotaged, honestly, well sort of, ish (blush) Whilst my better half was installing kitchen cupboards I ate so many custard creams I felt sick. Not my fault as it was near impossible for me to get in there until he was finished, okay okay I could have gone to the shop I suppose but it was New Years Day so who's to say it would have even been open.

I ate a Cadburys chocolate golden coin or four whilst also still waiting for access to the kitchen. Once again not entirely my fault as if my OH had hung them on the tree as instructed (erm sorry I mean requested) they would have been out of harms way and not continually calling out “eat me, eat me” every time I went into the utility room to make a cup of cha.

I had chips sausage and gravy from the chippy on the hill for my tea, OH's idea as time was getting on and we all were feeling sick with hunger. I was so weak I didn't have the strength to object.

I have just eaten half of a large bag of cashew nuts; I had a few scoops so I wasn't fully in control.

I WILL do better tomorrow though lol.


  1. LOL ... you are a nutter. Love the xcuses for your little indulgences.

  2. I am still amking them Max LOL. As you can see my other blog the secret confessions of a slimming world dieter is blank lol. I er kinda give up. But I WILL be going back though, hopefully next week.

    Cheers ears :)